The point that gem gal trains has what method to the effect ability good _

Gem gal is a kind of very fashionable motion, although its athletic intensity is very small, but its reduce weight and effect a bit of fitness also is differred unlike the motion of those high strenth, a lot of people are exercising gem gal, but the point that not all person grasped gem gal completely to train, does correct gem gal take exercise how should want to do? We let look together below.

What does the point that gem gal trains have

1, place

Some people think gem gal training should undertake indoors, this is incorrect, when doing gem gal to take exercise, want as far as possible escape is indoor, go in the environment outdoor, even if train without the condition in nature, also want as far as possible maintain indoor airy relatively current, such effects just are best, if can cooperate a flower sweet with music, the effect can be achieved optimal.

2, item

If undertaking in early morning gem gal takes exercise, what did not bathe then is necessary. If be,bathe after take exercise, should undertake inside 15 minutes after acrobatics at least. Bathing meeting makes the person’s body feels relaxed He Jie is clean, the feeling when exercising gem gal is best also, because more and more people choose to bathe before take exercise this now, when bathing, should want to use hot water, such ability can have relaxation objective, light cotton qualitative clothings should be worn when exercising gem gal.

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