Have raising setting-up exercise thin body is not dream _

Setting-up exercise is very popular exercise means, press athletic intensity, it can be divided to have oxygen setting-up exercise is mixed the setting-up exercise that do not have oxygen, opposite for, the athletic intensity of setting-up exercise having oxygen is lower, think exercising friend likes experienced setting-up exercise having oxygen more very much so. What profit oxygen setting-up exercise has so? There are the profit that raises setting-up exercise and note for everybody introduction below.

Have raise setting-up exercise

1, increase vital capacity

The advantage that often practices setting-up exercise having oxygen is rife, can increase our vital capacity above all, quicken the metabolic function of the body, thereby inside purify body redundant adipose. The exercise has oxygen setting-up exercise to be able to bring the place that has the whole body into play, combustion is redundant adipose, achieve the effect of thin body. Often practice oxygen thin body is held still can model body curve, the figure that lets oneself becomes more attractive. In addition, the exercise has oxygen setting-up exercise to still can let his release pressure, make the mood becomes free from worry.

2, do not be eager to hope for success

When contacting setting-up exercise having oxygen for the first time, must successive, must not be eager to hope for success, just began practice it is OK that 10 minutes are controlled, after waiting skilled, when physical ability follows to go up, OK and normal exercise. When the exercise has oxygen setting-up exercise, want to wear appropriate dress, after the exercise is over, want to pay attention to individual sanitation, cause a bacterium easily otherwise. Returning those who require an attention is, want to undertake warm-up first before take exercise, such ability avoid muscle effectively be pulled.

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