What does leg ministry motion have how _ of ability thin leg

Believe everybody hopes his leg ministry looks fine have muscle again, besides be on a diet necessarily beyond, still need the athletic ability on ministry of a few legs to achieve better result quite, make everybody have a pair of beautiful long legs thereby. So after all what does leg ministry motion have? How can you just achieve the result of thin leg? We have a look today.

What does leg ministry motion have

1, crouch greatly

Above all, follow two legs the shoulder apart euqally wide even a few wider than the shoulder perhaps, back stops as far as possible, tighten up abdomen, knee joint also should keep stable, cannot sway in order to undertake the left and right sides. When next crouching, OK and fast inspiratory, the upper part of the body needs right amount past pitch, in this start course knee joint can not exceed tiptoe, calcaneal also cannot leave a floor board quite. Generally speaking, in the action that next crouching, leg ministry and ground maintain 90 degrees best, if cannot achieve this kind of result at the beginning, can change 60 degrees.

2, lie on one’s back

Above all, lie low is above drop, will double leg and approach is raised come and follow the ceiling perpendicular. Be in inspiratory when, raise the leg of a side, expiratory when slowly fall downward, then reentry turns over directional training all right. This movement suits leg ministry to have friend of female of a lot of sarcous quite, if cooperate to go up,drawing can achieve better improvement the effect, canvasser also can feel alvine have the appearance that tighten up. Nevertheless, want to achieve better result, must undertake holding to.

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