What _ should notice when doing senile setting-up exercise to take exercise

Senile setting-up exercise is called to be senile Disco again, it is the method of the fitness of the one old age in covering that goes to dancing and music and sports confluence one case, can have the effect that take exercise to each place of the body, get so the loving of a lot of senile friends. So does when having senile setting-up exercise, everybody need what to case note?

Note of senile setting-up exercise

1, no-no crowd

Above all, those who want to undertake senile setting-up exercise takes exercise is medium the body that senile friend must know him, look not to suit fit disease. Generally speaking, having severe heart disease and hepatic disease and diabetic patient cannot have this campaign quite, otherwise very possible meeting makes the illness has a relapse and accentuate, the body that gives a patient brings more serious risk. Next, in the process that trains in everybody, must keep flabby from beginning to end, stability and ad cool-headed psychosis.

2, seek accurate target

It is at the same time in the process of senile setting-up exercise, everybody must get the athletic end that is clear about his, it is to want to reduce weight or want more strong, it is to want to let a leg the ministry becomes finer or should make humeral ministry broadens, understand oneself purpose only, ability has more power quite. Additional, in senile people must want to take shoe seriously when move, must choose a pair of sneaker that suit oneself, sole must want soft kind agile, such ability absorb bouncing movement place produce behavioral wallop quite.

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