Handstand needs to master those behavioral essentials _

Handstand is a common kind of dormant action is compared inside gymnastics. In this process, canvasser can maintain the ground with the palm, make the head gadarene, two arms and leg the movement that unbend will come to do convert. In fact, this upper limbs power that uses oppose human body and body control have higher demand. When practicing handstand, need what to movement essentials master so?

Handstand movement essentials

1, waist must unbend

Above all, in handstand when, the waist must want unbend, this is a bit important more special. If the waist does not have unbend, not only what can affect human body movement is beautiful, because direct be born perhaps throws body overbalance,meet likely still. So, in the athletic process that has handstand, must make the waist is held out straight, such ability achieve better result quite. Next, in handstand when, the core that must invite whole body drops to the central position of the face that prop up.

2, be born needs caution

Additional, go to in double foot in front in bent process, do not want as far as possible too fast, also cannot enough too violent, if do not have the word that holds good strength a little, can make whole body is gone to in front go, appear thereby the circumstance of trip. Still have, in finish after the movement of handstand, the be born that must take care, speed also wants a few slower, do not make oneself toe head is contused. In the meantime, everybody also can come with the right hand be born, knee joint lets bend when double foot is raised, left hand holds double foot fall to the ground.

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