Core force training has _ of what motion method

Core is the intermediate place that points to human body, point to to be mixed under joint of human body shoulder namely the area of hip joint above, 29 fast muscle are being included inside this area, so they are become to become the core place of human body. Core force training is to show the method that adopts motion will make the muscle of human body becomes driving and strong. So what does the athletic method that core force trains have?

Core force trains

1, gymnastical ball push-up

Open two hands above all will be put in gymnastical ball above, the hand puts humeral ministry below, if be abecedarian can see elbow is put on the ball, such method can the difficulty that will move bring down, also can share two feet more a few. In the process that falls downward, must avoid bosom to come up against a ball. When rising, need not ancon joint complete unbend, should maintaining this body cap-a-pie only is linear can. Still need to tighten up abdomen at the same time, do not appear collapse lumbar circumstance.

2, gymnastical ball rows reversely

Above all, put two feet in gymnastical ball above, two legs need follows coxa ministry apart euqally wide. Canvasser needs to lie on his back to barbell lever below, and handhold the distance of barbell should compare humeral ministry more a few wider. Tighten up abdomen then, drag the body that uses oneself again, make the body forms a 90 degrees right angle with ancon joint up. This moment, the body of canvasser must maintain linear. Aglet slowly compress downward time, up when bosom can not come up against barbell lever, the whereabouts that just can control the body so is reductive.

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