Weight lifting has what profit timely weight lifting is good to the body _

Weight lifting is an athletic sports, had had very ages ago history, man weight lifting is more was labelled in the first Olympic Games formal project, and arrived however the woman weight lifting 2000 also was labelled formal project, there also is weight lifting equipment inside very much now gym even, so what profit does weight lifting have after all? We look today.

The advantage of weight lifting

1, the advantage that the man practices lifting weights

Weight lifting is kind of motion, if move,have profit only so to human body, what weight lifting basically takes exercise is the muscle of the waist and leg ministry, hand ministry, can increase power apparently, basically exercise muscle of the upper part of the body and lower limbs power namely, and correct weight lifting practices returning what can have profit high to growing, but must notice right kind just goes, can cause bad effect high to growing otherwise, had better be best when taking exercise to give out heat, be in when human body development is not complete between skeleton is cartilage absorbs nutrient the most easily.

2, the advantage that the female practices lifting weights

Here we want to notice, the word that the female is not player of professional weight lifting basically is to pass this kind of means to use up adipose, OK and effective maintenance figure, the female practices weight lifting can using up male hormone, can make so female more the woman is changed appear young and sexy, still have even if because the exercise of weight lifting can make,the muscle of the pelvis and perineal place becomes have flexibility and power more, this also makes vaginal muscle got aggrandizement, the OK and very good pleasure that improves sexual life.

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