Extend motion has what advantage to have what action _

Present office gens is increasing, because a lot of people are long before sitting in desk, bring about the body inflexible, afflictive, might as well at that time will do do extend motion to come extend body of one private parts, the profit that extend moves has a lot of actually, alleviate the body is a among them only stiff, we see extend motion have what profit today.

The advantage that extend moves

1, make the body softer

Often do the muscle that does extend motion to be able to invite the body to become more soft, those who return can patulous joint but mobile area, after mobile area greatens can feel in daily life the body is agile many, often maintain a pose to may create the problem such as dropsy to the body, the settlement with extend OK and active campaign this is a thing, solving bloated problem while still can come circularly through increasing blood outside the body of eduction of old old trash inside body, also can make haemal circulation more smooth so.

2, raise athletic level

The has to loosen effect with the OK and very good word that undertakes before having campaign extend moves, because extend motion can increase muscle and articulatory territory, such meetings let a person when moving as far as possible the physical power that reduces not to want is wasteful, the response rate that can accelerate body exhaustion is returned if undertaking after motion extend moves, often undertake extend motion can make effectively body muscle be in a reasonable condition, can avoid a lot of motion to harm.

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