The drawing motion after ran has what _

Drawing motion believes a lot of friends are not new, because sit for long,be in when working at ordinary times of hard to avoid of desk predecessor body inflexible, do at that time do drawing games to feel relaxed many, still have even if do after having violent campaign do drawing to move to also can feel relaxed many, so what does the drawing motion after ran have, will look today.

The drawing after ran moves

1, the side before drawing ham

This moves even if be in with hand nab ankle, knee points to the ground and the knee of the leg that stands with additionally one day draws close, another hand can pull an object to use the balance that maintains the body, this movement should maintain 15 seconds above, unlock next, exchange a leg.

2, the side after drawing crus

This method is a leg backward, this backward leg should maintain the pose of calcaneal touchdown, a leg makes Gong Bu’s model ahead, also be the time that needs to maintain 15 seconds above, change another leg next.

3, the side after drawing ham

This movement is to want the object such as baluster of have the aid of, when do a day of ham is put in baluster above, knee should as far as possible maintain and leg flush position, next the upper part of the body bends over ahead, as far as possible stand by leg ministry, the hand can pull baluster to be used auxiliary forcibly, the attention is expiratory when bending over before, time also is 15 seconds left and right sides, exchange a leg next.

4, the side outside drawing ham

The body is in the condition that crouchs partly, the leg that needs to undertake drawing is put in the leg that prop up above, knee as far as possible front ground, the upper part of the body poises like pitch, hold 15 seconds, exchange next.

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