Back muscle exercises a method to have what _

As gymnastical number is increasing now, very much man friend is more and more yearning also the Zhuang Han image that the sort of tiger bears ursine waist, but often be in at ordinary times we do not know among body building how should effective go exercising back muscle, the our main today method that will see back muscle take exercise.

The method that back muscle exercises

1, sitting position is wide before grasping a bosom, fall pull

Specific means is to sit on machine of the exercise that pull a back, both hands handholds two handle, it is good that if be apart from, shoulder should exceed, next inspiratory, from the beginning the position of upper part resembles lower part perpendicularly pulling, must pull perpendicularly, the handle horizontal thick line that both hands draws should be pulled to the bosom before, keep the time that 3 seconds influence a little, next expiratory, slowly reductive movement, the key that needs an attention here tightens up the bladebone of two side namely, hold out a bosom not to want arch one’s back, the upper part of the body be admired backward a little case but must not hind had admired big, lest get hurt.

2, barbell Fu stands row

Specific means is bipod stands apart, angle should follow shoulder euqally wide, the music before thing upper part of the body and ground are in parallel, both hands is grasping barbell, grasped distance should compare shoulder a bit wide, back maintains flat head to be raised a little, two arms are perpendicular taking barbell, deep inspiratory next two arms shift resembles two side, barbell wants close-fitting mention abdomen of bring into contact with, a little halt a little while, next expiratory slowly reductive movement, the focal point that wants an attention between this movement places buttock to tighten a waist namely, avoid back to get hurt because of rock.

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