Hollow morning should not have breakfast to run before morning runs have what harm _

Morning runs is a lot of youths and middleaged person special a kind of sport that like and gymnastical method, when morning runs not only can breathe more fresh air, still can make oneself body more healthy. But the otherwise before a lot of friends do not know morning runs should have breakfast, also do not know hollow morning runs can bring what kind of harm to people.

The otherwise before morning runs should have breakfast

1, need has breakfast

In light of the situation that the basis studies, before preparing morning to run in the morning, be to need to have breakfast first, and had better be half hour in breakfast just has campaign later. Have violent campaign instantly after eating a meal, very easy meeting brings bigger loss to the intestines and stomach of human body, occurrence ache and unwell, possible even meeting causes indigestion, bring certain influence to our health thereby. Accordingly, before everybody is preparing morning to run, must get up a few earlier, eat breakfast to have run again.

2, hollow run harm

Additional, the scarcely in the process that runs in morning is OK and hollow. Because the normal motion of human body must want to rely on energy to maintain, and these energy come from at food, if hollow have run, what can use up human body only is adipose. Still have, hollow ran still can make the heighten of free fatty acid inside human body blood, if appear this kind of circumstance, with respect to the cardiac muscle that can damage human body, can cause the condition with human body abnormal heartbeat even, return the phenomenon of possible meeting occurrence sudden death.

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