Force trains a method what to make him stronger measure _

The person that knows fitness truly knows the value that force trains, can say it is the basis that completes a series of complex actions. And for the friends to wanting to reduce weight, force trains to cannot be ignored more, it is journey reducing weight it is not OK to go up also ought not to the passageway of a green of steer clear of. So what does the method that force trains have? We look below together.

The method that force trains

1, stand carry genu

Maintain standing pose above all, both hands is smooth lift be the same as with the shoulder wide, next as far as possible drive up left knee, carry the apogee of own ability, 3 seconds or so maintain in apogee, put down left leg slowly next, change right leg to repeat the act of above. The attention carries leg when expiratory, when falling inspiratory, this method basically is to exercise leg ministry force and balance ability.

2, side lies scissors leg

Lie toward left side above all, left hand props up the head, the right hand is propped up before the body, next as far as possible drive up right leg, the body maintains the face stands to go up in, hold to 3 seconds in apogee, put down right leg slowly, change on the right side of lie, make the motion that is the same as with above photograph. This kind of method basically is the muscle that exercises hip and inclined abdominal muscle.

3, side lies carry buttock

It is above all on the right side of lie, support the land with right arm ancon, left hand akimbo, trunk and leg ministry are on a plane, left leg overlay is in of right leg above, raise coxa ministry at that time, hold the body flat, fall slowly again next, basically insist to be done 10 times, change the act that additionally a side repeats above again, this kind of method basically is to exercise inclined abdominal muscle and intercostal muscle.

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