Night runs the item _ that has what need attention

Night runs, it is literal meaning, it is to show people has run in the late evening. Generally speaking, everybody likes to undertake morning runs, but have duty factor of a lot of office worker busier, night ran to become a kind of their new fitness method. So in the process that runs in night, does everybody need what to case note? We have a look today.

Night runs item

1, night runs crowd

Above all, night runs do not suit everybody, especially the person with older age, to his body experience brings certain influence. Below major case, the youth can undertake night runs, but if have 3 high cases, must consult a doctor. Next, also need to notice on the time that night runs, had better be to choose half hour after dinner to undertake in this paragraph of time of these two hours before sleeping, ability won’t bring harm to the body, also can have more good fitness effect so.

2, night runs equipment

Next, still need to notice oneself equipment when night runs. When night runs, choose as far as possible a few comfortable the dress that fits campaign again, choose professional ran shoe. Because concrete route is in present city, can have a few hard, the flexibility of road surface is not quite good also, so possible meeting brings a few harm to knee, so everybody had better prepare a pair of flexibility to compare good running shoes. If female friend night runs if, still need warming-up underwear, just won’t cause the condition of bosom prolapse in that way.

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