With part of speech circle fitness needs to notice what item _

Believe everybody knows, part of speech encircles the athletic method that once was be the rage. Method of this kind of motion can raise the muscle above disciplinarian waist abdomen and hip and leg ministry already, still can make the waist of human body and knee joint have flexibility and flexibility more. Need what to case note in the campaign that we have part of speech is encircled so?

Part of speech encircles a note

1, the time with need longer motion

Although say to turn,circle of part of speech is the motion of sex of a kind of whole body, can achieve the result that reduce weight, but athletic time must want to grow quite, because the intensity of this kind of motion is not very much, extend athletic time only, ability enters the phase of motion having oxygen quite, just also can use up the body inside overmuch adipose with quantity of heat. Generally speaking, want to rely on part of speech to encircle the friends that reduce weight, a week needs exercise 3 times, move at least every time half hour, the heartbeat also must want to be achieved 130 times.

2, do not need group of overweight part of speech

Next, the weight that part of speech encircles is not to weigh better more. It is the part of speech that choosing to be weighed quite at the beginning to encircle, need uses bigger strength ability enough switch, nevertheless when this is a kind of inertial motion after the habit. So, to part of speech the group moves this kind for, athletic time must grow quite, because time is compared,brief acuteness exercise just does not have oxygen one kind to move. Additional, if select group of overweight part of speech, the viscera that goes up to back and abdomen bring switch, possible still meeting harms internal organs of the body.

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