The note that makes square setting-up exercise has what _

Believing to there are a few people on this world do not know square setting-up exercise, square setting-up exercise is especially other and popular nowadays, no matter be the friends of discipline of much good year,like to be on square the dance that has fitness. Move through this kind not only the heart function that can improve people, still can make the body more agile. Need what to case note in the process that takes exercise in square setting-up exercise so?

Note of square setting-up exercise

1, choose pair of time

No matter be,which kinds of motion cannot undertake after satiate meal, square setting-up exercise also is same. Because be in,food can be inside the stomach backwater, if have acuteness activity at that time, the stomach can appear because of dynamic effect swing, this kind of stimulation can let canvasser occurrence vomiting and bellyacke and disgusting symptom very easily. So, everybody must have square setting-up exercise after half hour after eating a meal again, can avoid the body effectively to be affected so.

2, comfortable shoe

Next, before motion everybody must want to prepare a pair of comfortable shoe. Although say the movement of square setting-up exercise is especially other and simple, but the comfortable sex of shoe is very important still. The friends of warming-up had better wear soft bottom can prevent slippery shoe, otherwise very possible meeting appears the circumstance of trip. In the meantime, must not wear loafer, meet not carefully trip, also can not wear strong base shoe, can injure ability to walk, bring greater harm to the below half body of canvasser.

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