Error of sit-ups advantage much exercise also should notice _

For the male friend that gives abdominal muscle to wanting to train, can have the campaign of sit-ups more. If the female wants to reduce the fat on abdomen, also can do sit-ups. But in the process in sit-ups, must master correct pose, ability achieves best result quite. What common error is there in the motion of sit-ups so?

Sit-ups note

1, had not moved fast

In having the process that a lot of friends are doing sit-ups, always do fast fierce, and still think such athletic method can let abdominal sarcous force strengthen. In fact, such doing that be a mistake, because can appear very easily so,abdominal muscle presses the case of the injury. So, in the process that does sit-ups we must want to be held in the arms with both hands across before the bosom, having the strength that when sitting, must want to control abdomen. Also can increase the difficulty of training, will make the effect that take exercise increases.

2, cannot deviate direction

Still a few friends are in in the process that does sit-ups, the body will be casual toward certain direction deviate. In fact, such doing that also be a mistake, very easy meeting makes abdominal muscle appears distributing inhomogenous circumstance, make the figure is out of shape slowly. Accordingly, when we move, must have controlled a lying direction, cannot slant quite leave linear, return rein in of need general speed at the same time a few, such ability exercise abdominal sarcous control capacity quite, it is better to achieve exercise the effect.

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