Male sex function exercises a method what to do the good method _ of true man

In sexual life of either of male and female, friend of a lot of men hopes he can improve the quality of sexual life best. So, basically the sexual function that all male friends take him seriously very much. In fact, the male should undertake taking exercise appropriately only, still can achieve the goal that improves sexual function. So what does male sex function exercise a method to have?

Male sex function exercises a method

1, crouch Ma Buhe equestrian

To male friend, the muscle power that often undertakes Ma Buneng lets lumbar abdomen place quite couchant is obtained increase, when sexual life medium-counts fills a position, also very won’t fast feel exhaustion. If the male crouchs 15 minutes everyday Ma Bu, hold to 1-2 month, can see more apparent effect. Next, male friend is OK also much more equestrian, the harmonious He Min that this kind of motion can exercise feels, also can make the muscle of male leg ministry more strong, make the male is in thereby sexual life is more bold and powerful.

2, hit tennis He Yuga

Believe friend of a lot of men likes to play tennis, in fact, tennis also is the male raises a kind of sexual life to exercise a method. Pass those who play tennis to take exercise, can help the male improve internal system, make pituitary secretes a hormone, the sexual desire that exalts the male the friend thereby and sexual satisfaction are spent. Additional, a lot of movements inside gem gal can promote the result blood of cerebral ministry, can make thyroid element and pituitary and sexual gland element normal run, make hormone of male and female is secreted poise.

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