What should tennis sports notice how ability safety _

Tennis sports is a kind of very common motion method in the life of people, pass the training of this kind of motion, not only can make the person’s body more agile, still can develop the power of patient He Yi of a people. But, wounded circumstance can appear likely very much when playing tennis. What case should because this is in the process that tennis moves,we note?

What should tennis sports notice

1, choose light bat

If be the word that female friend means to play tennis, must choose a pair of lighter bat. Because if bat is too heavy, the arm needs to compare great effort gift to be taken quite, this also can make the muscle of the arm group more arduous, appear more easily also the circumstance of strain, and the female returns ancon of possible meeting occurrence tennis, if arm too the aesthetic requirement that passes brawny word to accord with a female very hard. So, a few lighter bat chooses with respect to need when preparing to play tennis at the beginning.

2, notice Dai Fang is protected

When motion just begins, canvasser can not appear any unwell, this moment is the tool that does not need Dai Fang to protect, meet because of worn word more manacle the body, and affect the flexibility to the body, can appear very easily wounded circumstance. When after moving for some time, when the circumstance of occurrence limbs ache, wear the protective tool such as kneecap and waist support and elbow support again according to aching place, can prevent the situation on canvasser occurrence hand effectively so.

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