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To female friend, reduce weight besides the hope beyond, return him hope figure line can more apparent, such talent are enough more health and sex appeal. So, the female friend that undertakes gem gal practices model form is increasing. So after all does the exercise of gem gal enrol model form what does type have? How does ability let a figure become better quite?

Gem gal enrols model form type

1, tree type

Fold bipod above all stand still, tiptoe forth. Put the sole of right leg the inside of the ham of left leg and crus and gambrel next, and the toe of will right leg gently put on gem gal mat. Then both hands closes shut before putting a bosom, directly upgrade face is carried later, hold to 15 seconds. When waiting for the upper part that supports to arm in the end, advanced travel is even inspiratory and expiratory, still want to maintain two palms to fold, and hold to ten seconds hind, change undertake at the same time additionally. This movement can alter the balance ability of human body effectively.

2, turn type

Above all tailor-fashion and sit, open arm extend come, above the gem gal pad that finger tip puts body both sides. Inspiratory when, rachis drawing, the arm should have lifted his the top of head. When breathing, the body slowly past right turns, and drop left hand, put the side outside right leg femoral, the right hand puts back face, the line of sight looks toward far along right shoulder. Drawing rachis wants when every time is inspiratory, expiratory when rotational extent wants a few bigger. This movement can increase the flexibility of the body, loosen hip and vertebral.

3, station type

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