Fitness of motion taking a walk has what skill _


In our daily life, after eating a meal, constant regular meeting undertakes taking a walk. Taking a walk in fact also is the means of a kind of fitness, can increase the immune ability of human body and disease-resistant capacity through taking a walk, still can achieve the result that reduce weight. So in the process in fitness of motion taking a walk, what kind of skill does need notice? We understand one time below.

Skill of fitness of motion taking a walk

1, hold time

Above all, taking a walk is one kind can prevent a heart and vessels disease and reduce weight fall the athletic way of fat, want to achieve better result, must want to note the time that take a walk, not be to be able to grow but short. Generally speaking, in the process that take a walk, every time cannot little at 40 minutes, because take a walk,every kilometer can use up the quantity of heat that 50 kilocalorie control. So, in the time Duan Li that takes a walk to just begin, use energy is candy cent, ability is adipose later. So, too short time cannot be used up quite adipose.

2, reach of centre of gravity

The basis considers to discover, the centre of gravity of process lieutenant general that taking a walk is gone to pitch is more good, because this is planted,the method can use systemic muscle. This kind is similar to hurry on with one’s journey general pattern taking a walk, through centre of gravity past reach can ease lumbar sarcous tension, use systemic muscle thereby. So, can alleviate effectively humeral backache and waist ache. In the meantime, will take a walk through this kind of method, the muscle that still can let hip and ham inside enhances the energy of 3 times, adipose to decreasing have profit very much.

3, insist to take a walk

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