Darling setting-up exercise needs how to undertake _


To little baby, want to make their body more healthy, need takes exercise with respect to what have setting-up exercise as a child. In the process that take exercise, not only the fitness that can increase darling, still communicate the profit that has a lot of to the communication of parents and child. So after all what does the method of darling setting-up exercise have? We have a look below.

Darling setting-up exercise

1, darling hits water to hold

Hit what water holds to take exercise through darling, can enhance the leg ministry power of darling. Above all, darling needs lie low, and parents handholds the double leg ankle of darling. First the left foot darling fluctuating a few, have right again jolty, undertaking hitting water nutrition like two feet. Also can be in Shi Li in the ankle of darling, had bent above all, the left foot unbend of darling, bend again, the right leg unbend of darling. In the process that take exercise scarcely should use too great strength, the links that can let darling otherwise gets hurt.

2, darling feel uncertain is held

Feel uncertain holds the extend that can exercise darling shoulder ministry, after having beat, darling still can understand force and stroke the joy that touchs it to bring. Let darling lie low wear above all, two hands of handholding darling are maintained to or so both sides and unbend. Fold left hand toward bosom then, after wind is knocked unbend, the right hand also needs to be done. Later, knock or so two tactics at the same time to bosom. Nevertheless, when take exercise, the attention does not pull the elbow of darling forcibly, also cannot knock the bosom of darling energetically quite.

3, darling is twisted twist hold

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