Puladi gem gal is both what distinguishs _


Believe everybody has known gem gal, it is a kind of very familiar fitness pattern, already by major person hep. And Puladi still is a kind of very new campaign it seems that, the circumstance in major fitness is very popular still nevertheless. So after all Puladi gem gal is this both between what distinction is there? A place is there?

Gem gal distinguishs Puladi

1, form of characters or letters practices differring

From form of characters or letters the exercise comes up say, puladi’s form of characters or letters more the side overweight exercise to sarcous control and force, and the continuity with the very strong presence on form of characters or letters, the requirement core above form of characters or letters is stabler, to the body the muscle of each place exercises the effect special good. And in the process of form of characters or letters that practicing gem gal, the key is mixed in drawing withy and evenly, the form of characters or letters that these taking exercise will be more some more, it is at the same time inside the exercise form of characters or letters of gem gal, to breath cooperate a requirement special also tall.

2, action result is different

Next, puladi moves to be compared in model form and the effect of the respect that reduce fat remarkable, if insist for a long time to practice can improving the body of human body, and still have certain rehabilitation train the effect. And of gem gal take exercise in the body the effect of withy respect is more better, the friends that often practice gem gal can feel oneself body more well-balanced. Have the practice of gem gal for a long time at the same time, return the psychological condition that can improve people, make people becomes more gentle and easy, maintain the balance of body and mind at the same time.

3, breathing method is different

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