Square dance setting-up exercise reducing weight has what skill _


Now is not young female friend needs to reduce weight through taking exercise only, with respect to the old age in connecting the female also can pass square dance setting-up exercise to reduce weight. In fact, want to make the effect that reduce weight better, still need to notice the skill of square dance setting-up exercise reducing weight. So after all what case should canvasser note? We are shared today.

Square dance setting-up exercise reducing weight

1, dance skill

In having orchestic process above all, behavioral extent ten million cannot enough too big, and should avoid turn suddenly waist and next waists and twist the movement such as the neck substantially, can avoid to appear so fall, perhaps let muscle and joint be injured. Once canvasser is in,breath appears in dancing process not the circumstance of free, need undertakes rest first, practice according to whether wanting to continue in light of oneself body circumstance again. Once appear any unwell circumstance, for instance palpitate is mixed swimmy wait for a circumstance, need to stop a practice.

2, arrange time

Next, still need reasonable arrangement time when dance. Have a lot of friends to jump square dance is not willing to have a meal even, in fact the method that this is special mistake, undertake long square dance also cannot be taken in the late evening at the same time. Do not eat a meal to jump because hypoglycemia appears,square dance lets canvasser very easily faint, and undertake for long dancing not only the Morpheus quality that can affect canvasser oneself, possible still meeting affects the Morpheus of other dweller, still have dance to also can bring a harm to the body on congested square.

3, prevent cramp

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