Fine Ti Yuga has what tutorial _


Believe all female friends go up to him body to fat detest, and a lot of fat women are seeking the means that reduce weight everywhere every day. In fact, the method that reduce weight is particularly much, fine Ti Yuga is a kind among them. So what does the tutorial that fine Ti Yuga reduces weight have? We understand together below.

Tutorial of fine Ti Yuga

1, before 3 measure

Be the same as two feet with the shoulder apart above all wide, both hands should put rearward to handhold, hold out oneself bosom, admire the head rise, the eye sees Xiang Zheng upper part. Be in inspiratory when, curve oneself waist, make the body as far as possible the clingy ham that boil, and will times doubler stretch tight straight, go two hands in front extend, have natural breath, hold to 20 breath. Then slowly change the body, the movement before restoring, two legs part two shoulder breadth stand on the ground likewise, the eye sees Xiang Zheng upper part.

2, hind 3 measure

Curve oneself waist next, with the top of head again the ground, both hands extends the five fingers to open the floor, have the breath of day, and hold 20 breath. Relax body standard again sit return drop above, curve two feet, two tactics from bicrural knee rear hold double leg in arms, tiptoe must want to stretch tight to be nodded continuously go up in the ground. Inspiratory finally and unbend double leg, the waist is erect, maintain the body balance of the person that reduce weight, the muscle above your buttock abdomen and leg ministry is tightened up, and stretch tight tiptoe straight.

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