Gal of gem of begin to learn needs to notice what item _


Everybody knows, gem gal is all along a kind very method of motion of gay getting a person, adopt the practice of gem gal, can let mood calm of the person, it is the tweak of a solution pressing. Accordingly, more and more female friends can choose to rest gem gal. But to begin to learn must want to note a few respects for the friends of gem gal, such ability achieve better result quite.

Gal of gem of begin to learn note

1, food

For the friends that learn gem gal to just beginning, there is special provision on food. The person that practice can use a tummy install food generally speaking, 1/4 with will put water, those who remain 1/4 keep vacant. That is to say, can not eat too fully when practicing gem gal, can feel heavy otherwise and slack. Generally speaking, the less than of a hour after before practicing gem gal, be mixed cannot enough have dinner, and the two hours less than after the meal needs to avoid to have a practice as far as possible.

2, time

Next, in the process that practices gem gal, every finish a pose, need holds to whole breathing time 5 times, the person that such ability assure an exercise quite is inspiratory the length with expiration is same. Below major case, need is done first with a leg, a leg is changed again later, if return the word that wants to do, can continue to repeat. Additional, the person that practice still needs to maintain weekly exercise 3-4 second, although say a lot of movements are exceedingly simple, but the action that has side of a few balances remains the same very not easy.

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