Effect of gem gal thin body has what movement _ very much


Everybody knows, gem gal originates India, it is motion of a kind of first-rate preserve one’s health. Adopt the practice of gem gal, not only the condition that can promote the respect such as the body and physiology, still can achieve reduce weight goodly thin body effect. So after all what does the method of gem gal thin body have? Next we come along the action type of what gem gal can thin body.

The movement of gem gal thin body

1, drawing back

Above all, will maintain after the quantity go up, double leg genuflect is on cushion, reach the head coxal muscle slowly undertake drawing. Begin then inspiratory, open wide prothorax, must not use the waist to admire face of in the future of upper part of the body, and hold ten breath. Begin later expiratory, rise back bend. This gem gal provokes type can effective mobile spine and basin bone, will redress the situation with these two frame-up parts, also can promote the combustion with adipose upper part of the body at the same time, model the effect of thin body thereby.

2, rotational waist

Make the gesture with nice prostrate arms and legs above all, open the head to coxal muscle drawing come. Next at the same time inspiratory, move oneself right hand at the same time of abdomen below, and come to Zun Er sticking the ground. Later another edge is expiratory, raise left hand toward the direction of the ceiling at the same time come, the line of sight also should look at the ceiling. Change across to undertake finally. The method through turning round the waist can stimulate the muscle above abdomen, thereby effective thin body. Still can settle the case with frame-up spine, make the body more withy.

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