The note that makes square setting-up exercise reducing weight has what _


Square setting-up exercise reducing weight is more and more popular nowadays, can see in the evening everyday a lot of in old people is taking exercise. As jump the person of square setting-up exercise reducing weight is increasing, play incoming novice friends increasing also. So jumping do friends of the novice in the process of square setting-up exercise reducing weight need what to notice? We understand today.

Note of square setting-up exercise reducing weight

1, ready-made

Jumping sufficient warming-up has been done to be able to make ligament and joint and sarcous temperature elevatory before holding, and add the flexibility of human body, the level of the degree of will neurological excitement and cardiovascular activity rises, can prevent effectively to be harmed in athletic process so. In the process that taking exercise at the same time, everybody must complement in time moisture, such ability assure the demand of the health of the body and normal airframe quite. When compensatory water is divided, best a few for many times, can maintain the balance of the water inside body so.

2, successive

Next, in the process that just begins campaign, need uses the method that pace ambulates, let the body and lower limbs enough time will suit. Just beginning to undertake at the same time strong and handsome too long time is not made when holding, ten minutes good. Additional, before motion, must want first warm up and undertake proper extend moves, it is very important to play half-length spread especially. If weather compares cold word, the time chairman of warm up a few, still need to wear a few dresses more, such ability prevent a cold quite.

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