How does fitness do _ without gymnastical equipment


To most friend, hope to go more professional gym comes fitness, because the gymnastical equipment over there is very much, can achieve the training of many sided. But, because be done not have usually,have a lot of friends when, go very hard gym undertakes training, and there also is gymnastical equipment in the home. Don’t have gymnastical equipment after all so how fitness?

Without gymnastical equipment how fitness

1, the Qu Shen that press a neck

Above all, will press the hand emphatic gangmaster in head right to be pushed toward left pressure, at the same time cervical need withstands forcibly, cannot enough easily be overwhelmed, but still meet slowly crushing. Later, cervical raise head upgrade to right forcibly, this moment right hand needs emphatic to pin his head, cannot let the head quite easily be raised, also need nevertheless slowly complete upend. This movement needs to have a practice repeatedly, know cervical feel acid bilges, change again undertake at the same time additionally.

2, crouch below thin leg

This movement can below half body the muscle of all place practices, especially the bear above gluteus and ham more center a few. In the process of the exercise, need general need not on the pew that behavioral leg puts back name, fall slowly next crouch when ham goes with ground parallel. Those who need an attention is, when crouching below, be to bend coxa either will lower the body through bowing, such meetings make lumbar burden too heavy. In the process of whole exercise, the waist must want from beginning to end unbend.

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