Exercise gem gal needs to notice what item _


Nowadays, gem gal has gotten of female friend love, not only the goal that can achieve fitness to reduce weight, return the temperament that can promote human body and psychology. So, gem gal is motion of a kind of first-rate preserve one’s health. But, in the process that practices gem gal, do not pay close attention to a movement only only correct, still need to know to practice a few notes of gem gal.

Exercise gem gal note

1, nose breathes

Everybody knows, there are rife dirt and virus and suspension particle inside air, will have breath through nose not only can cut off contaminative source, still can make inspiratory air becomes wet with warmth, reduce the stimulation that to breathing tube, also can make inspiratory air more wholesome He Jie is clean. In the meantime, in the process that practices gem gal, need undertakes controlling to breath, if cannot use accurate breathing method, sell at a discount greatly with respect to the effect of meeting Ling Yuga, the plan of study also can get block up.

2, listen respectfully body

Next, still need to feel the gem gal sense to body and mind when practicing gem gal. The person that practice above all must want to concentrate mind, the sound of careful listen respectfully body, and experience each movement and the reaction that breathe to be brought to the body. If be in training course, the body is caused abnormal dizzy the circumstance with pang and breathing difficulty, the person that practice must not flaunt his superiority, force oneself to complete all actions, and should slowly stop a practice, and tell an adviser, ask him to give help and instruction.

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