Gem gal and setting-up exercise have gem gal setting-up exercise what different _


Nowadays, no matter be gem gal or setting-up exercise,be method of commonner two kinds of motion, in still having the process that a lot of friends are having gem gal takes exercise, still can cooperate to go up setting-up exercise, also the friend rises setting-up exercise and gem gal union motion, achieve better gymnastical result. So after all does gem gal setting-up exercise move two kinds this those who what side there is is different?

Gem gal setting-up exercise

1, distinguish one

Common strong and handsome what in doing the process that taking exercise, practice is heart lungs function, athletic strength is very great, hold to very hard entirely, and the athletic meeting that has high strength for a long time lets body muscle feel exceeding exhaustion and strain, still can cause certain harm to local muscle. And gem gal is a kind of safety and inside and outside hold repaired movement concurrently, do not need the restriction of the age and body condition, the time of the exercise is especially other also agile. At the same time the pose of gem gal is successive, lead in the machine that is harmed above motion very small.

2, distinguish 2

The course is strong and handsome after drill exercise, everybody’s physical strength is used up particularly big, need very long time ability enough refection so, possible still meeting causes appetite to add the case that strengthens with appetite. And gem gal can loosen the muscle above the body and extend, your metabolism slows, and will more energy are waked up inside the body. So, after practicing gem gal, everybody can feel extend with the whole body energetically, calculate Morpheus time to decrease to also can improve the quality of Morpheus.

3, distinguish 3

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