The basic principle of athletic fitness has to want to notice what _


Common saying says, life depends on motion, and exercise is very good to health. But better to can be achieved fitness effect, everybody still needs to abide by the regulation inside motion and principle. A lot of friends are not clear that what the basic principle of athletic fitness has, next we know the answer of this problem together with everybody.

The basic principle of athletic fitness

1, clear purpose

Above all, everybody exercises a purpose in what take exercise and he must find before fitness, it is to want to undertake reduce weight or adding muscle after all, find oneself cause only, ability undertakes hold to and taking exercise self-consciously quite. So, take exercise to most friends, it is the motion of a kind of consciousness, be clear about because of them and understand oneself to want to achieve what kind of goal through taking exercise. After realizing a goal only, ability undertakes taking exercise correctly quite, take exercise also the requirement of ability enough up to mark.

2, successive

Next, in the process that no matter who be,moving should do according to one’s abilities and successive. Begin to undertake from the simplest grain motion first, when after getting used to period of time, undertake athletic measuring comparative be mixinged greatly again the act is relatively a few more sophisticated take exercise. In exercising the process with fitness at the same time, no matter which are planted,the project needs to perserve undertake, such ability are quite right healthy and beneficial, just also can achieve exercise a target finally. So, in athletic process, must long-term importunate undertakes.

3, reasonable motion

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