Commonly used fitness machine has what type _

For people healthy, the businessman also is cudgel one’s brains for, be designed in gymnastical machine and manufacturing fluctuation became sufficient force. The fitness on market implement breed is very much, machine of a few fitness still has intelligent effect, what kind of fitness do we choose in daily life implement is the effect better? People selects which kind of fitness engine in this family, more practical, safer?

The type of gymnastical machine

1, ran machine

Ran machine is one of most gymnastical machine are used in the family, present ran machine function is more, design more beautifully, it has super- big indication screen and advocate screen, track and lubricant system are more perfect, security is higher, quiet tone effect is better, damping system, more perfect also, the function of smooth amortize can be provided in ran process. Still increased heartbeat monitor, quick operation dish, when ran you are OK him monitoring of real time ground heartbeat, with the heartbeat. And still added musical system, practice in people ran so when, can cheerful mood.

2, bicycle

Because bicycle covers an area of an area small, low-cost, also make the first selection of machine of fitness of a lot of families. What present bicycle designs is very safe, and still match have coach course, let you also can be coached in the home by professional gymnastical coach, a lot of bicycle deserve to have music, this kind of bicycle makes use feeling bicycle, at present the youth is preferred. These bicycle still are taken oneself muti_function liquid crystal shows a list, the time when you train is faced in, speed, course of development has statistic. To you, those who use up is caloric, your heartbeat can scan automatically show, real time monitoring your body state, so bicycle has been become bestow favor on newly.

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