Barbell crouchs technical point greatly to have what _

Take exercise in muscle in, a movement is called barbell to crouch greatly. This movement basically is the leg ministry that exercises a person and coxal muscle, accessary sarcous still has the waist and abdomen. Barbell stays this action greatly is motion of a whole body actually, because be in,you need to exert oneself to do sth. all over, systemic muscle is met by drawing, in muscle so the barbell in taking exercise crouchs greatly is to must do a a motion, what technology point is there when doing barbell to crouch greatly so?

Barbell crouchs a note greatly

1, behavioral course

Want to have a warm-up before doing barbell to crouch greatly, want to understand departure above all, can choose to be the same as with the shoulder wide, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, both hands handholding barbell is put after cervical, or before cervical. The person’s knee bends slowly, the gravity that invites human body shows 90 degrees to perhaps be less than 90 degrees horn to knee, next a little backwater 5 seconds, shortly, leg ministry and coxal total force, rapid and reductive to standing position, at that time the person wants screen to live breath.

2, behavioral essentials

When doing barbell to crouch greatly, must tighten up the waist abdominal perhaps, in the movement knee does not exceed his tiptoe, when crouching below, want inspiratory, when standing up, want expiratory. Crouching greatly because of barbell is a more dangerous movement, two people person of the same trade had better be when be being done so, or beside have coach guidance.

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