Move feeling bicycle to reduce weight _ of note having assorted

There are a lot of good methods in reduce weight, one is plant now more fashionable move feeling bicycle to reduce weight, come in the crowd stealthily, this kind of method reducing weight attributes movement of the whole body having oxygen, the person that reachs 50 years old from 15 years old suits quite, it not only can beautification body, decrease adipose, the virtual uses feeling bicycle training to be able to use up 750 thousand calories quantity of heat that has 40 minutes, and in beautiful music, still can the mood of cheerful people, loosen the nerve of people, it is a lot of white-collars, a kind of advocating motion, so move feeling bicycle to reduce weight what note is there?

Use feeling bicycle note reducing weight

1, notice a pose

At ordinary times we are in when riding a bicycle, often be double leg is cast aside outside, wag one’s head, lower one’s head bend one’s back, the pose that these cycling is incorrect, these not good conventions, can have bad effect to model form. Correct pose is should the body is gone to a little pitch, the doctor leaves, the holiday asks our deputy ministry to use the breathing method of celiac type, the beam of double leg and car is parallel, such your legs and knee can keep harmonious, the body does not want the left and right sides to swing, want to notice rhythm when cycle.

2, notice intensity

Those who use feeling bicycle take exercise, can reduce weight to still can exercise muscle not only, it is the method of a kind of fitness that has effect of more powerful auxiliary medical treatment. When amusing you so, want to notice intensity. Use feeling bicycle everyday the time of the others cannot under 30 minutes, speed can be controlled in this head portrait that does not let breathe rhythm to have apparent change it is the normallest, want warm up 5 minutes above all before cycle, rest two minutes, not be the intensity of 60% rides a bicycle 5 minutes to rest 3 minutes again, cycle 3 minutes to rest 5 minutes again to 5 minutes with the intensity of 80% , deepen ceaselessly with such method, can alleviate so fatigue, achieve the result of fitness reducing weight.

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